Book playlists- Spotify

Hey guys!

I’ve seen these around so decided to get into making them myself. I will be making a selection of book playlists on a spotify account cmstevie

What is a book playlist?

A book playlist is simply a playlist of songs that remind you of or represent different parts of the book. For example you could add ‘The Hanging Tree’ to a ‘The Hunger Games/Mockingjay’ book playlist. The son gs in a book playlist can represent characters, scenes, settings, relationships etc.

Books I’ve made a book playlist on:

As of now I have only made a book playlist for the book I have recently finished called ‘All the bright places’ by Jennifer Niven. Go check it out here

If you have any requests for book playlists for me to make or if you have a song suggestion for one of my current book playlists please contact me